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New Urinal Cake album streams from Rebel Kind and Stef Chura

News Rebel Kind Stef Chura Stream

We're proud of our latest releases from Rebel Kind and Stef Chura, and would like for everyone to have a listen to them.  Luckily, thanks to the following articles you can do just that.

Rebel Kind's newest, 'Just For Fools', is up streaming over at Stereogum who had the following to say:

Lead single “Kiss You” approaches a romantic interest with a playful recklessness over breezy guitars similar to those of contemporaries such as Hinds and the Vaccines. Meanwhile the title track is a dismissive kiss-off backed by ’60s girl group harmonies, with singer Autumn Wetli bitterly suggesting to an ex-lover: “Go off now and do your own thing/ You always did it anyway.” Yet no amount of bad blood can knock down the project’s shimmery charm. It’s unequivocally delightful music — thin, fizzy, and bright.

Then, Noisey interviews Stef Chura about karaoke, shitty jobs, finding your voice amidst a toxic political climate, and her brand new debut 'Messes' (which is available tomorrow!!).  Stef also spoke with MTV about the album and the events in her life that influenced her to make music and ultimately dedicating herself to her craft.

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