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K9 Sniffies - "Master's Touch" LP

K9 Sniffies - "Master's Touch" LP


"K9 Sniffies have been playing shows around Detroit for years. Master’s Touch, their debut album, is an impressive introduction to follow all that legwork. It’s enough that they’ve got power chord bashers like “Huffin’ Shit” and “Bill’s Block,” but the album’s strength is in its range. They stretch out on “Old Fisherman,” leaving space to eventually land a patient, well-done guitar solo. There’s an echoing saxophone on “Hey! Hungry Foodies” and synths courtesy of the album’s producer, Fred Thomas. Then there’s “Donovan’s,” their homage to the actual Detroit bar (and Joe Wojtowicz’s best vocal on the record)."

- Evan Minsker, Pitchfork

"Oustanding long-player from Detroit's K9 Sniffies, follwing up on their 7" (also on Urinal Cake) and a tape or two. I have no idea if or how their line-up intersects with other current Detroit bands (they all seem to overlap somehow), but they've made a Motor City garage-punk record that deserves comparisons to Tyvek, in particular that bands earliest and more freewheelin' rock'n'roll (and less art-punk) moments, and even remind me of Clone Defects on some tracks in the way their straightahead garagepunk sounds Motor City but not at all rawk. They attack from various angles, giving 'Master's Touch' quite a bit of welcome variety - "Hey! Hungry Foodies" closes the record with big riffing and sax bleating, there's rough garage-pop that is reminscent of Ponys or TNV, the aforementioned punk blasters ("The Navy" is just nasty) and top notch garage rockers ("One Moring") and off-kilter DIY-stuff that falls in line with Roachclip and the All Gone label (who they just did a tape with that consists of a 28 minute cover of "Darkstar"!). The entire thing sounds fantastic as well (produced by Fred Thomas), straddling the right line between loud-as-hell and mid-fidelity. I kinda thought this record was going to be a bit more "weird" (and it is plenty weird, don't get me wrong), but maybe I'm just surprised at how much it honestly rocks. Probably the best full length to come out of Detroit since the last Tyvek LP and one of the high points of my year to date. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

- Rich K., Terminal Boredom