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Stef Chura - "Messes"


First 100 copies on colored vinyl. Also available on cassette, CD, and iTunes. 

"With the lo-fi charm of a Liz Phair cassingle, Chura retains the get-out-of-my-head immediacy that leads a person to sit down on the floor of their room and record a song until the feeling goes away." - Pitchfork

"The standout here is Chura’s singular voice, a seemingly delicate, orphic thing that can slide from breathy lullaby to belted ballad." - Paste  

"Dim-lit guitar-pop with moody, twisting vocals" - Impose  

"Native Michigander Stef Chura has her debut album in the can, and it’s easily the best new rock record I’ve heard in months... somehow, Messes avoids the retro trap, despite strong resemblances to Bettie Serveert, Halo Benders, Rodan, and Autoclave — all the best drowsy, weird, and anthemic indie-rock of the 1990s." - Mike McGonigal, Detroit Metro Times